If you are constructing a new
house in cities like Bangalore, along with high initial investments on the land
and construction cost, you will also be worried about other factors like high
power bills. Even though you use more efficient lights, super fans, high
efficient refrigerators etc. you will end up getting higher bills as the number
of appliances will be more.

A newly constructed house owner
in Bangalore has reached out to us for a possible way of reducing his monthly
electricity bills by investing in rooftop solar. He is having a 3 story
residence for which the sanctioned load is whopping 20 kW and he also have a DG
of 45 kW as a backup. He was looking for a solution to zero out his electricity
bills but had a shadow free rooftop area of just 500 sq.ft.

Our team has proposed a 5 kW grid
connected system based on the space availability. The 5 kW system is producing
~20 units a day, most of which is being consumed by the loads in the residence.
From the past two months he is able to export back the power to the grid, as the house is not yet fully occupied. Now BESCOM is paying him INR 1000 for the exported power. (Click here to see the bill copy)

For this project we have used 20
numbers of 250Wp Vikram Solar panels which are manufactured in India and are
made of polycrystalline technology. The inverter used is 6 kW from Delta, a global
leader in grid tie configuration. The panels are mounted on a solar specific
structures which are hot dip galvanized for 100 micron thick and are tested for
150 kmph wind speed. We have created pedestals for mounting the structures and
to avoid direct drilling of the roof.    

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