The IT capital of India, Bengaluru is a house for thousands of small scale industries and SMEs which are located in and around the city. Till few days back the city was witnessing the harshest summer it has ever seen in the last 25 years. Also, people in Bengaluru are now seeing long power cuts as the gap between demand and supply is said to be increased to 2,600 MW. For industries, especially SMEs, this would be a hard time as the dependence on diesel generator increases, which in turn increases the operation costs. Is it really possible to find a long tern solution for this?

Wilson Sweets, a two-decade-old company that is a well-known brand in making of peanut chikki (a traditional sweet from Gujarat), approached us in finding a solution for this long power cuts. Thinking ahead about the grid power situation in the city, they were looking for a solution that can act as a strong captive power plant for their new factory and can reduce the dependence on diesel generator.

Based on the client’s input and the infrastructure available at the site, our team suggested a 10 kW grid connected rooftop solar PV system for the factory. The system generates ~40 units in a day and is helping in reducing the grid power consumption. The system will auto-synchronize with the diesel generator and saves on diesel consumption during power cuts. The system is provided with Net-Metering solution that enables the factory to export the excess solar power back to the grid majorly during weekends and holidays, which helps to reduce the power bills to some more extent.

For the project we have used 40 numbers of 250Wp Vikram Solar panels that are made of polycrystalline technology. The panels are connected to a 10 kW grid tie inverter from Delta Electronics, one of the premium brand in grid tie configuration. The panels are fixed on solar-specific structures made of aluminium. The structures used are tested for 150 kmph wind speed. The structures are easily removable and aesthetically look good.

If you are looking for a solution for rooftop solar then we are your perfect choice.

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