U-Solar works with organizations and professionals across India, who have expertise in construction, building and facility design and energy. We are constantly helping customers adopt clean energy as consumption and saving energy, as well as harnessing renewable energy, are important consideration for a facility to reduce its operating costs.

Rooftop solar PV systems are a customized solution as the power consumption pattern varies significantly, there is no “One Solution” that can be given to all. These systems are a great way of independently generating power at the point of consumption, as they are versatile. They can be installed on any kind of roof-be it pre-engineered sheet structures, slopped roofs, industrial roof etc.

The following are configurations of the rooftop solar PV systems

Grid Connected:


  • System configuration best suited for customers with day-time energy needs
  • Configuration offers no-batteries/no-storage. Can be integrated with existing DG
  •  Configuration offers reduction in your energy bills (EB+DG).
  •  Excess generation can be sent to the grid- Net Metering

                                                                                               Read more…

Customer type: Hotels, Hospitals, industries, commercial establishments

Hybrid system/battery based system:     


  • System configuration best suited for customers who have power cuts or choose to have a major portion of energy needs from solar
  • Configuration offers solar power to be stored in batteries
  • Configuration can be used to power critical loads 24/7

                                                                                               Read more…

Customer type: Residential, resorts, remote buildings 

U-Solar is a Rooftop solar specialist with over 1 MW of rooftop solar installation. We would like to partner with you, to design implement and install solar PV systems for your customers.

Collaborate with us, to provide the right solution to your customers

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