Clean Energy

Driving sustainability forward.

U-Solar Clean Energy is a leading developer of solar power solutions serving
industrial, institutional and commercial clients. U-Solar also provides EPC services whereby we design,
engineer, construct and maintain high-quality solar power plants. 

Rooftop Solar
Power Plants

Grid-Connected or On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plants are distributed power generating systems which require shadow-free roof area for installing photovoltaic modules and the power generated therein is utilized by the consumer during the day. In case the power generated by the solar plant is more than what is consumed, the excess power is fed back into the grid under Net Metering mechanism.

Ground Mounted solar
Power Plants

These include large scale projects that are from 1MWp – 50MWp and can be used by a variety of energy consumers depending on the type of contract. On-site ground mounted solar projects are for captive consumption by one energy consumer with land availability. Group captive ground mounted solar projects are for a collection of energy consumers willing to invest in the plant. Utility scale ground mounted solar projects are developed to feed clean energy into the utility grid.

Battery Based Storage

One of the major advantages of solar power is that it can be stored for later use in a battery bank. Instead of diverting excess power generated from the solar plant to the Utility grid, energy is stored in the battery which makes for a perfect backup solution in case of power cuts and grid failures. Since inception, U-Solar has setup several battery based solar power plants for commercial and domestic consumers.

InnOvative Integrated
Solar Solutions

To fully adopt clean energy there must be innovations in integrating PV modules when there isn’t sufficient area available on the roof or on the ground for mounting solar PV modules. This should not become a deterrent to adopt solar, as U-Solar offers a wide range of solutions to address these situations as well. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), Carport Structures or Elevated solar power plants for residences are all innovative ways to adopt solar power for captive use.

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