Advanced Mould Technology India is a copper molding company that has been operating since 2010. It is a proud subsidiary of the KME group and Mishima Kosan Co Ltd. Japan. The company’s principal offering is copper molding and its reconditioning to supply value-added services to the steel industry in India. The energy consumption within the copper industry has been extensive over the years. To reduce the overall maintenance cost of the plant, copper molding giants were motivated towards solar energy to accentuate their effort toward financial profitability & environmental sustainability.

The company has installed the rooftop solar power plant of 120 KW capacity for its facility at Dabaspet, Karnataka using 375 premium quality 320 kWp polycrystalline solar PV modules by RISEN. 5 nos. of 25 kW SMA solar inverters complete the technical setup for the solar power plant.
AMT Solar Power Plant by U-Solar Clean Energy

The company has opted for the CAPEX model and the solar power plant was set up in the 2 phases: 65 & 55 KW. The O&M associated with the plant has been commissioned to U-Solar which has also installed lifelines and walkways, according to the required standards.

AMT Solar Power Plant Energy Savings

The solar power plant generation is approximately 1,00,000 units per annum offsetting the facility’s total energy consumption. Savings worth Rs. 6,00,000 per year has been generated & the CO2 footprint has reduced significantly since the solar power plant has been commissioned in 2016. The corporate’s commitment to curbing the environmental impact of its factories and the promotion of socially moral initiatives is sure to benchmark a positive impression within the molding industry for pursuing sustainable growth.
If your organization is looking to adopt solar, please feel free to get in touch with us. We believe in partnering with our clients on their sustainability journey.

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