Author: Samah Rumani, SolarQuarter

The global outbreak of pandemic novel Coronavirus, COVID 19 has significantly hampered the functioning of all sectors including institutions, commercial establishments, offices & various manufacturing units which are also at standstill. The outbreak of Covid19 has far-reaching impacts ranging from the shutdown of factories, challenging job conditions, and supply chain disruption. With these impacts, more businesses with exposure to China are likely to see the country as a potential risk factor. The conventional power industry will not be significantly impacted as the gestation periods are long.

According to Mr. K.R. Harinarayan, Founder and CEO, U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd:Since March it has been a time for us at U-Solar to increase our skill levels and improve on internal processes. All of U-Solar Clean Energy’s projects are on a standstill due to the Coronavirus lockdown, our site staff and contractors have been evacuated to ensure social distancing is practiced. Post lockdown, however, our operations will reach optimal productivity in May as the supply of materials is provided by our vendor partners. For the newer projects that were scheduled for June, we can expect delays depending on the supply chain cycles of solar modules manufacturers who import material from China –an order takes 45 days.” He also said that: “As the Global Outbreak of Coronavirus has affected all sectors, businesses will focus on resolving their losses. The solar industry might suffer a slowdown as industrial and commercial companies re-focus internally while institutional sectors have impending responsibilities as well. U-Solar will however continue to execute our projects for the next 4-6 months, however as a result of the economic slowdown we expect a longer lead time for our sales cycles. There have been no concerns towards existing investments, as a developer, as they continue to generate clean energy.

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