Author: Rosella Stephen, The Hindu

Roshan Netalkar’s activity tracker has been clocking up about 30 kms daily over the past week. This is because the venue of Bengaluru’s Echoes of Earth (EOE) music festival sprawls across 150 acres, and the festival director of what is now known as the country’s greenest music festival has been busy supervising the design of 14 eco-conscious installations.

Besides the installations, the team has been working on solutions to make the fourth edition of the festival “almost 100 % biodegradable”.

This weekend, U-Solar will help power the stages and charging stations with renewable energy; Hasiru Dala, the city’s leading NGO for waste pickers, will lead waste segregation, recycling, and composting efforts; and Sandesh Kadur, founder of Felis, the local wildlife-centric visual art company, will provide the information on endangered animals.

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