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In an exclusive article on Solar Quarter, Mr. K.R. Harinarayan, Founder and CEO, U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd said:Large grid-scale solar plants have run their course in the development of the Indian Solar energy market as there have been Giga-Watts of these types of installation executed. A fair estimate is that these projects account for 85% of the total solar installations in India, whereas rooftop solar/ decentralized solar accounts for the balance 15% of the 4.4 GWp capacity installed by 2019. However, these large-scale solar plants have issues of generating excess during the day and almost nothing at night-which will cause a lot of instability if we continue to keep adding these into the national grid“. He further continued, “In comparison to grid-scale solar projects, by introducing captive rooftop solar power plants there is minimal impact on the grid stability. And it is also a great benefit to the end consumer as they use their rooftop space which underwise goes unutilized.

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