Author: Anand Upadhyay, CleanTechnica

Building energy consumption accounts for more than a third of India’s total energy consumption. Add to this the fact that more than 70% of the buildings that will stand in India in 2030 are yet to be built. Clearly, making buildings energy efficient, as well as local producers of clean energy, is a priority for the country.

With the falling prices of renewable energy, it is now easier than ever to increase clean energy consumption in buildings. However, beyond the initial low hanging fruit (rooftop solar!), the time is right to start venturing into new spaces for increasing onsite clean energy generation.

With the buildings growing vertically in almost all major cities, it is but natural to imagine the growth of solar on this vertical plane!

BIPV, as many of you avid readers would know, is an integration of solar PV system into a building’s envelope. Apart from serving as a ‘skin’ to the building, the solar modules can also generate clean power in the process.

According to Mr. K.R. Harinarayan, Founder and CEO, U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd:By replacing the glass used in the facade with photovoltaic modules we have created a solar power plant on the building structure while the inverter and other components are housed inside the building. As the facility uses electricity 24/7, the BIPV solar plant offsets a part of the carbon emission due to their dependence on fossil fuel based grid electricity – an initiative taken by the data centre to meet their sustainability goals.

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