One of our existing clients read
about the Net-metering policy and reached out to us to check it’s feasibility for
his commercial facility in Bangalore. The commercial complex is located in an
area which sees very few or no power cuts during the day. The facility has a
large roof area, most of which is shadow free and was hardly being used. The
client wanted to use the dead rooftop area to zero out the energy bill on one of
the common area meters and see if he could generate some revenue by selling
solar power to the grid.

Our team proposed a 9.5 kW grid
connected system based on space availability, sanction load, DG capacity and the
client’s willingness to utilize the Net-Metering policy. The 9.5 kW system is
producing ~38-40 units a day, and, as consumption is very low, most of it is exported
back to the grid. This can be seen in the electricity bill, link given below. After
self-consumption, the client’s rooftop solar PV system has exported 1117 units
and 1321 units respectively during two consecutive months. (View Electricity
bills here)

We have used 38, 250Wp CNPV
Polycrystalline solar modules and a 10 KVA Delta inverter. A large shadow free
area was available on the roof and a groutless structure has been used. They
are weighed down using concrete blocks, which led to a further reduction in the
overall system cost. The inverter is well protected from sunlight, dust and
rain in a well-ventilated box which also houses other electrical devices like
SPDs, MCBs etc. The process for obtaining the net-meter and associated paper
work was handled by the U-Solar team.

If you have an unutilized empty
shadow free rooftop space, you now have an opportunity to reduce your ever
increasing electricity bills and also benefit financially. To know more get in
touch with us at

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