you run a large building facility which is a factory, hospital, hotel, school,
college, corporate office (anything from IT to banking) or a government office,
chances are that you have considered rooftop solar PV to provide a part of your
energy needs. After all, the benefits are compelling – lower power bills, lower
generator usage, export of surplus power to the grid during holidays, clean
energy credentials and attractive ROI in the long term. However, it is likely
that the plan for solar PV has not been implemented because of the high initial
capital cost.

we have just the right solution for you! We at U-Solar offer a non-CAPEX financial
model called the Build Own
Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model 
large enterprises which will help them utilise their existing rooftop space
while having to pay only for the power consumed. Just as you would pay for
power consumed from your state electricity board.

In this
particular model, the rooftop solar PV system is built on the customer’s
rooftop by the rooftop solar solutions provider (EPC) company / a 3rd party, customer pays only for the
power consumed. It is the system provider who bears the initial capital
expenditure, provided certain criteria are fulfilled along with entering into a
power purchase agreement (PPA), for anywhere between 15-25 years with the customer.
On agreement of the terms and conditions, and after the duration of the
contract is met, the ownership of the system is transferred back to the customer
at a residual, mutually agreed cost.

model has the following advantages:

  No upfront high capital expenditure on the plant

  Pay for the power consumed at competitive rates

  The system will reduce your dependence on expensive captive diesel power

  Maintenance and operation will be responsibility of the power plant

particular model has a minimum requirement of certain criteria’s which need to
be fulfilled,

 Organization should have a good investor grading (CRISIL A / greater)

 Minimum system size of 100 + kW

 Strong financial background

facilities can now go in for solar PV solutions on their rooftops, without
allocating large capital outlays.

at U-Solar are here to help facilitate the process, so that you can get Solar powered!

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