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The medicine field lately has been switching to solar power for their energy requirements. One among them is East Point College of Medical Sciences.

Located in the Bengaluru district of Karnataka, this medical institute has installed a 600kW solar plant. They have imparted a generation of 840000 units per year to meet the power requirements efficiently. The structural orientation of this plant is the rooftop. It is this type of installation that increases access to energy. It is expected to help them keep lower maintenance costs. This capex solar plant model uses monocrystalline modules to generate electricity at high-efficiency rates. They come with great heat resistance that ensures high performance and longevity.

Our partnership with this institute has helped in environmental savings. Numerically expressed, we have ensured 781.93 tonnes of CO2 offset for 25 years along with 150 trees being sequestered over the lifetime of the plant.

Moreover, relying on Solar Pv systems for electricity can provide reliable power support to the facility. These come with a life expectancy of 25 years which evidently fits individual financial goals in terms of the right investment. It is peak generation that is met in both economic and environment-friendly terms.

Move one step forward and attain your SDG 7: Clean and Affordable Energy goals smoothly.

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