Residential Projects

Clean Energy by U-Solar

Solar power GENERATION helps in saving your electricity
bills and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

U-Solar is has been doing residential projects since 2010, we are increasing our portfolio with home installations through different partnerships.

We see many benefits in installing solar plants at apartments, through their reduction in bills & environmental savings. Furthermore, the youth at the apartments get involved in sustainability early adding to awareness.

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We provide customized Residential Packages

Customized Residential Packages
Integrating solar power plants
Providing net-metering benefit
Enhancing clean energy quality

Clean energy by U-Solar
For Homes and apartments
Benefits of Residential Solar Plants

Benefits of Residential Solar Plants
Huge Cost Savings
A right and secured investment
Reduced Carbon footprint
Offers Energy savings
Multiple usage of accessed energy
Hassle free maintenance


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