Solar Power without investment

A leading auto components OEM,
based out of Punjab, had reached out to U-Solar to help cut operational costs
for their state of the art facility, which has been operational for over 15
years. The management did not want to invest in the solar power plant as they
wanted to use the capital for upgrading existing infrastructure and on other
purchases related to manufacturing. They reached out to U-Solar for advice and to
work on a strategy to help them cut energy costs for the facility without

A 510 kW grid connected rooftop
solar PV system was installed at the facility. The system has been designed and
built by U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions using the Build Own Operate and
Transfer (BOOT) model
The solar financing option allows the client to lock in
risk free savings and avoid steep initial costs of installing such a system
along with avoiding
technological and performance related risks of owning the solar power plant.
The company has signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with a third-party
energy company at a price lower than the retail price of electricity being
offered by the state utility along with a mutually agreed escalation year on
year.  The 510 kW Solar plant was an
ideal fit as it offered a great opportunity to use existing shadow free roof
space to generate and self-consume power, thereby helping to reduce operational
costs and lower the carbon footprint of the facility.

The 510 kW system consists of
1,925 solar modules of 265 Wp each supplied by Canadian Solar modules and 7
units of 60 kVA SMA Tripower inverters with SMA Inverter management system and
SMA’s state of the art remote monitoring of the system. We also enabled DG
synchronising by installing a state of the art DG sync system enabling them to
use the solar generation in tandem with the DG during power cuts ensuring fuel
savings and over all reduced cost of power. The 510-kW grid connected system is
generating approximately 2,100-2200 units/day. The system was commissioned on
January 16th 2016. The facility pays a monthly bill to the energy
company for the metered solar power.

The BOOT model offers the client
an opportunity to acquire the requisite infrastructure needed for solar to be
added to the energy mix without the high capital expense and risk associated
with the technology and performance. It also lowers risk as the plant is owned
and maintained by the third-party energy company.


– Safety lifeline, fall protection and walkways have been incorporated at site

– O&M for the project is handled by the power producer for the duration of the PPA

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